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The Contemporary Yurt Company
Things to do with a yurt
  • Extra accommodation
  • Summer house
  • Studio/entertainment
  • Educational space
  • Holiday home/let
  • Leisure/hot tub room
  • Games/yoga room

Yurts for Sale

Buy a Yurt and create the space you long for: luxurious, simple, or somewhere in between. We specialise in Yurts For Sale. With its circular design and spacious interior, Yurts encourage both social activity and quiet contemplation. With a few friends, you can put Yurts up in a day.

Interesting ideas with our Yurts in the new space include using it as extra accommodation, a summer house, or holiday home. Our Yurts For Sale customers in the past have used these beautiful Yurts as a studio, or entertainment space, and have found good value from using it as an educational area. Yurts provide a serene space for Yoga, and if you are after comfort then a hot tub is really luxurious! Contact us today for Yurts For Sale.

For working examples of our Contemporary Yurts - view the Devon Yurt Holidays website